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We know that having a plumbing emergency can be an incredibly frustrating experience. At Total Comfort Solutions, our mission is to make your plumbing experience as pleasant and easy as possible.

Today, plumbers are valued for their services that continually ensure society can function without the fear of a plumbing system not working correctly. If you need a residential or commercial plumber who will provide professional, affordable plumbing services, call Total Comfort Solutions. We aim to provide top-notch service for all your plumbing needs in the city.

At Total Comfort Solutions inform our customers about the cost of our plumbing services before they start a project and keep them updated on any developments. Our technicians will fully diagnose any potential concerns and inform you of an honest assessment of the issue.

Total Comforts Plumbing Services Include:

Leak Detection & Repair

Sewer Back-Ups

Yard Line Repairs

Water Heater Replacement

Tankless Water Heaters

Fixture Replacements

Camera Lines

Drain Cleaning

Trust Our Experienced Plumbers To Help You!

Our local Barstow plumbing experts at Total Comfort Solutions provide professional and reliable plumbing repair services for a variety of issues. Our certified and licensed experts can handle all plumbing issues you have. We provide professional plumbing services for:

Kitchen Plumbing

The heart of our home is in the kitchen. A kitchen is a place where all of the food for your family’s meals or any guests you are expecting will be prepared. Issues with your garbage disposal units and plumbing in the kitchen can be challenging to keep up with and may alter your daily kitchen tasks or plans. If you’re faced with an issue in your home’s plumbing, whether it be a faucet or anything else, including the kitchen sink, contact our experts at Total Comfort immediately.

Tank & Tankless Water Heaters

The life span of most water heaters is at 10-15 years, which needs to be replaced when it becomes obsolete. We offer a wide variety of water heater installation services, including tankless models. We also provide recirculation pumps and capacity boosters to ensure that the system runs efficiently. Aside from saving money, installing a new water heater in your home also has the added benefit of being more space-efficient.

Sewer Backup Repairs

A sewer backup can lead to nasty smells and sights that are unpleasant for a homeowner. Apart from the fact that it’s disgusting, a clogged sewer can be dangerous, even putting your family in harm’s way. The obstruction can lead to illness and damage to your home and furnishings. In addition, an electrical outage is possible as well since a backed-up sewage system is often hardwired into your breaker panel.

Installation Services

When you install a new appliance, ensure dependable installation by seeking help from our plumbing contractor. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you are doing the right job. It is to be expected that something will go wrong with plumbing at some point in a faulty installation. That’s why you want to trust expert technicians like us at Total Comfort.

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