Maintenance Agreements

  • Priority Service Guarantee: Get it Fixed Fast & Complete
  • Get A 1 Year Warranty on All Repairs. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Barstow Furnace Repair & Replacement

A guaranteed safety inspection on your furnace including gas leak detection, efficiency adjustments, a combustion analysis which tells us and you how safe your system is and how much carbon monoxide it produces, so you know how safe your furnace is. No one else does this, yet we are raising the bar of service.

  • A 36 hour priority service guarantee for any failures throughout the year or the diagnosis is free!
  • 15% discount on repairs.
  • $50 per year of continuous maintenance towards a new complete AC & Heating system, or extended labor warranty on a new system. Up to $500.
  • $25 per year of continuous maintenance toward a new swamp cooler system. Up to $250.
  • 40-point inspection on your system will extend its life and increase performance.
  • Alerts to know when your technician is on the way, so you never miss an appointment.
  • 1 year warranty on all repairs.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

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