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AeroCool Pro Series

The AeroCool Pro-Series will effectively and efficiently keep your family cool and comfortable with ease. When paired with the Pro-Stat programmable thermostat the AeroCool Pro-Series will continue cooling the air while automatically keeping power consumption to a minimum.

Evaporative coolers are an incredibly effective, cost efficient solution for dry, hot summers. When compared to traditional air conditioning evaporative coolers are less expensive to purchase and operate. In fact evaporative coolers have been shown to use between 10% to 30% less energy than a traditional air conditioning unit.

Additional pros of evaporative coolers when compared to air conditioning units include:

Increasing humidity in arid climates to create a more comfortable environment

Naturally cooling air without using ozone depleting refrigerant gases.

Bringing in fresh air unlike AC units which re-circulating the same air.

Evaporative coolers will often require slightly more maintenance than a portable AC unit. However, most maintenance will only consist of cleaning the interior and exterior of the unit. Most coolers simply need basic repairs such as cooling pads, pumps, and belts. The best time to begin normal maintenance is usually just before summer. Evaporative coolers should also be professionally "winterized" as well. 

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