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Professional duct cleaning ideally needs to be carried out every two years, although many homeowners tend to forget about it and not mention it. However, regular cleaning has several benefits and can effectively remove contaminants and pollutants from your ductwork and prevent them from spreading through your home. 

If you or a family member has a respiratory illness, regular ductwork cleaning is a must, as it can mean a cleaner and healthier home.

Lower A/C and heating bills are a positive result of a more efficient HVAC system when it’s cleaned regularly.

Mildew and mold are less likely when you have regular duct cleaning.

Regular cleaning of your ductwork by a professional means that any potential issues are identified and taken care of sooner, potentially saving you money in the long run.

Contaminants and pollutants can be removed before they have the chance to make you or a family member sick.

When Is It Time For Duct Cleaning?

It’s probably time to have your ductwork cleaned if you just can’t remember the last time they were cleaned. These signs can give you an idea as to whether it may be time for professional duct cleaning:

It’s becoming more difficult to breathe in your home. If you do have excessive contaminants or pollutants in your home, this can be a sure sign.

Dust is present in every home, but if yours seems to have more than its fair share and you spend more time dusting than you would like to, it’s probably a sign that your ducts need to be inspected and professionally cleaned.

Total Comfort Solutions - Service You Can Trust in Helendale

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We know how important it is to have clean and healthy air in your home and to have ducts that are properly cleaned. Here at Total Comfort Heating & Cooling, we have years of experience, provide the very best customer service and get the job done efficiently. 

No need to call anyone else for your duct cleaning needs! Whether it’s for a routine cleaning or any other heating or cooling need, we have the answers. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air inside your home can be over 40 times more polluted than the air outside your home. This is because the particulates that are in polluted air can be even smaller than a micron. Included herein are like dead skin cells, fungi, pesticides, mold, bacteria, chemicals, pet dander, and microbial growth. One thing that doesn’t live in your ductwork is dust mites, but this is frequently used as a marketing ploy. 

When you suffer from an ailment like asthma, allergies, or COPD, you should consider cleaning your ductwork more frequently. Duct cleaning will remove many microparticulate from the air so that it’s easier for you to breathe. Having polluted air within your business can cost you tens of billions of dollars each year. This is because it results in lost production from people taking sick leave. It can also raise your medical costs. 

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Another thing that’s important to remember is that there are about 40 pounds of dust in your home each year, according to the EPA. Unfortunately, there’s more than dirt in the dust. Everything in the air that’s floating around you gets trapped inside of it. This type of air pollution may cause you to experience allergies or asthma. 

The NADCA says that about 40 pounds of dust can be found circulating through a six-bedroom home’s vents yearly. Your home breathes through its HVAC system because it’s responsible for bringing in and taking out air continually. 

Unfortunately, many contaminants accumulate simply from everyday living. These contaminants are from the people and pets that live in and visit your home. Included herein are things like chemicals, dust, cat dander, and dog hair. If something manages to get inside of your air conditioner, it’ll circulate through your home seven times on an average day. This is because crime accumulates in your ducts, and from there, it harms the air that you breathe. 

Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that all of the air you’re breathing is unhealthy. However, it does mean that anyone suffering from any type of respiratory ailment should be concerned about duct cleaning. This is something you should have done in your home once every few years. 

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